Librarian Who Hasn’t Updated Her Look In 8 Years Undergoes Extreme Head-To-Toe Makeover

Wendy, a part-time librarian from Connecticut, was getting ready to celebrate her 50th birthday. She recently began looking for a full-time job opportunity, but realized she needed a confidence boost in order to put her best foot forward.

Wendy’s mother passed away when she was 50, so turning 50 for her was especially emotional.

She always loved her super-long, wavy brown hair. On three separate occasions, she grew it long enough to donate to those in need. Otherwise, she’s only worn her long hair pulled back in braids and buns and never really updated her overall look and style.

When Rachael Ray heard Wendy hadn’t cut her signature long hair in over eight years, her team of stylists were happy to step in — and Wendy agreed to have her hair completely chopped off in front of a studio audience and viewers at home.

In the video below, see Wendy’s stunning transformation. What a difference!

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